The North Carolina's Black Women’s Roundtable is a network of Black, progressive women who are committed to collectively building power for women in our communities. We focus on developing alternative economic systems, building the political power, the healing of Black women, so we can protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

We envision a world where all Black women feel  safe and welcome to bring all of the components that make us who we are, to whatever environment or situation that we are in. As such, we are intentional about creating space for all of our Kindred Sisters: mamas, professionals, LGB, Queer, and Trans women, sex workers, students, formerly incarcerated women, and all others.

In order to create this world, we prioritize the sharing of our stories, voices, identities, and experiences as Black women.



  • Showing integrity
  • Creating conditions and experiences for other women to be able to step into their own leadership and/or facilitator role.
  • The development and support our network of NC women through personal and political empowerment.
  • Working to expand our collective understanding of traditional gender roles -- and push against this in our work.
  • Building beyond cultural gender binaries.
  • Lift up what it means to be a Black woman with no shame.
  • Operate with the understanding that we are cultural workers.
  • Promote and hold an intersectional framework.
  • Work to help Black women reclaim our power in all spaces at all times.
  • Promote and support all Black women turn-ups and celebrations!
  • Educate people to be more mindful and centered in the midst of everyday life.
  • Embrace all women by creating spaces where all are continuously uplifted, supported, and welcomed, safely.